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Samuel Adams Hazel Brown Ale Beer Review

by tpboysen on September 11, 2012

Samuel Adams Hazel Brown Ale Beer Review

Thumbs UP or Down: Up

Overall Rating: 4

Blend: Fall Harvest Brown Ale

ABV%: 5.2

Brewery: Samuel Adams Brewery

How the brewery describes the beer:In honor of the fall hazelnut harvest, we brewed this flavorful nut brown ale. Its distinct hazelnut aroma and taste are accentuated by slightly sweet caramel and toffee malt notes. Medium in body, it finishes smooth with an underlying spiciness from the hops making it a great choice for fall.
While nut brown ales do not have a particularly long history, brown ales have been around in England since the late 17th century. This style became rare at the start of the 19th century as brewers began using pale malts as the base for their beers in place of more expensive brown malts. The resurgence of this style began at the end of that century and by the 1920s, brown ales were fairly common again.
For the base of Samuel AdamsĀ® Hazel Brown, we decided to brew in the Northern English Brown Ale style, which is slightly more robust than Mild and Southern English Brown Ales (higher ABV and bitterness level).
For this beer, we wanted to brew something that would be appealing and satisfying during the fall when the days become crisp and cooler. Brown ale, while a good beer any time of year, seemed like a great fit for this. We used malts that would contribute a rich, dark brown color, roasted notes, and a slightly sweet flavor profile, including caramel and toffee notes.
While the brown ale was tasty by itself, but we wanted to do more with it so decided to add a nut character. Hazelnut was the nut of choice due to its distinct, pleasant flavor and aroma. After adjusting the base beer slightly, we were able to create the best balance of malt and hazelnut characters.

Price: $17 / 12 pack

Would I Buy Again: Yes


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