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Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Beer Review

by tpboysen on September 11, 2012

Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Beer Review

Thumbs UP or Down: Up

Overall Rating: 4

Blend: Seasonal Pumpkin Red Amber

ABV%: 5.7

Brewery: Samuel Adams Brewery

How the brewery describes the beer: A perennial favorite at our brewery Halloween party, Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale is brewed with over 17 pounds of real pumpkin per barrel, adding a full body and sweetness to this dark reddish amber brew. Deep roasted malts, including a smoked malt, lend a distinct roasted character while traditional pumpkin pie spices give the beer a subtle spice note.
Pumpkin Ale is one of the oldest beer styles that originated in America. Early colonists lacked some of the classic beer ingredients, so in place of malt other fermentable sugars such as molasses or pumpkin were used. Pumpkin beers were not as popular at first since the pumpkin was used for its sugar alone rather than its flavor. More recently, pumpkins have been used in addition to malt and other spices to create flavorful pumpkin ales. For our take on the style we’ve used a large portion of real pumpkin to give it a natural richness of flavor.
To brew our version of this fall favorite, we used a significant portion of real pumpkin. The pumpkin is added to the mash to meld with the malt flavors, bringing out its true flavor in the final brew. In addition to our classic two-row pale malt and Caramel 60, we’ve added Special B and Smoked Malt for a deep roasted and nutty character that perfectly complements the pumpkin. Once in the kettle we also add clove and the classic pumpkin pie spices of cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg. The spices subtly enhance the character of the pumpkin and malt without overpowering it.

Price: $17 / 12 pack

Would I Buy Again: Yes


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