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Magic Hat Pistil Dandelion Beer Review

by tpboysen on February 28, 2014

Magic Hat Pistil Dandelion Beer Review

Thumbs UP or Down: Up

Overall Rating: 2.5

Blend: Spring Ale

ABV%: 4.5

IBU: 20

Brewery: Magic Hat Brewing Company

How the brewery describes the beer: A refreshing, sun-inspired spring ale. A subtle floral spiciness from Apollo and Northern Brewer hops is balanced by earthy notes from dandelion leaves, while acidulated malts provide a smooth, slightly sour malt body.
The dandelion army emerges from the soggy soil under the cover of early dawn. Suppressed by winter forces, they’ve hunkered down for months, readying for the rising spring sun’s emphatic call to arms. Pistils are locked and seeds loaded for the timeless battle between seasons and earthbound souls that seek to be freed from confinement. Shots ring out in the dim light, buds burst above ground and spring advances into the promise of a new year.

Would I Buy Again: No -but nice to try in Mult-12 pack

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