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Blue Moon Short Straw Farmhouse Ale Beer Review

by tpboysen on August 18, 2013

Blue Moon Short Straw Farmhouse Ale Beer Review

Thumbs UP or Down: Up

Overall Rating: 3.5

Blend: Farmhouse Red Ale

ABV%: 5.4

Brewery: Blue Moon Brewing Company

How the brewery describes the beer: Blue Moon® Farmhouse Red Ale, much like our Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, was inspired by our brewmaster’s travels across Belgium.

His journey started in the southern region of Wallonia. If you ask him today, he’ll tell you stories about walking through the small town of Pipaix, discovering local Farmhouse Ales. The spicy yet refreshing character of these handcrafted ales piqued his curiosity. From there, he headed north to Flanders, a region well-known for its sour Belgian Red Ales. These refreshingly tart, deep red ales have an unmistakable taste that you have to experience for yourself.

Over the next 20 years, whenever he returned to Belgium, our brewmaster found himself drawn to these two styles. After sharing a couple of ales with old friends, he got the idea to blend the spice character of a Farmhouse Ale with the tartness of a Belgian Red Ale to create our Farmhouse Red Ale. His interpretation blends grains and specialty malts for a pleasantly tart finish.

To fully enjoy Farmhouse Red Ale, pour it into a slender glass. The narrow walls will highlight the spice and malt notes while allowing room for a rich, white head.

Red amber-colored ale with brilliant clarity capped by a rich, white head.

Subtle spice notes from the white pepper balanced by caramel malts and hibiscus.

White pepper notes blended with a caramel maltiness that leads into a pleasant tartness.

Medium body with a pleasant, tart character.

Pleasantly tart finish that gradually fades.

The hint of spice from the white pepper pairs well with spicy meat dishes, while the tartness of the beer goes well with fresh-fruit desserts.
One of our favorite recipes to pair with Blue Moon Farmhouse Red Ale is Belgian-Style Beef Stew
One of our favorite recipes to pair with Farmhouse Red Ale is Short Straw™ Farmhouse Red Ale Beef Stew

Price: $13 / Multi 12 Pack

Would I Buy Again: Yes

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